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If your missing person is deemed voluntary by your local police department, you can still conduct searches on your own. The web site NamUs, www. Keep in mind you still have to involve law enforcement to have your missing person's case profiled on the NamUs site, but they will include voluntary missing cases. Canine search teams and pedestrian searches may also be an option to search for your loved one.

Searching for a Missing Person – What to Know

First, let your local police department decide if they want to do this. If they choose not to, and you are of the opinion your missing person is not missing voluntarily, there are several non-profit agencies that can assist with setting up searches. What NOT to do: Do not panic.

Do not wait, especially if your missing person is vulnerable; notify police as soon as you think something is wrong. Do not delay in searching; time can be of the essence.

Do not keep their disappearance a secret. The more people you tell, the more people you have looking on your behalf and the speedier the results might be. Do not tidy up their bedroom or car until the police have seen it, whether it's messy or not. Do not dust before fingerprints have been taken. Do not alter social media accounts, cell phone messages, text messages, etc.

Tips for Finding Missing People - Your

These may be important indicators of your missing person's motive or lack there of when they went missing. Don't be put off if you don't get an immediate response from law enforcement To avoid being the victim of a hoax, do not put your own telephone number or address on missing posters or advertisements.

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  7. Goffredo Bondanelli. George Stevenson. David Findlay. Brian McGowan. Anthony Parsons. Police Scotland takes every report of a missing person seriously Most people who go missing return within 48 hrs however if you have established that someone is missing and you are concerned report this immediately — remember you do not have to wait 24hrs before reporting them missing.

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    How can I report someone missing to Police Scotland? By Phone: If it is an emergency and you feel the person maybe at risk of harm, immediately call What you can do to help us Photograph s We'll ask you for recent photographs of the missing person. You will get these photos back but we may need to take them away at first.

    Emailing a photo is fine too, so if you have one or more good photos ready that will help. Search We usually search the home or place where the missing person was last seen, including any extensions, garages, outhouses, sheds, gardens etc nearby.

    How to Find a Missing Person Free

    Health We'll ask about the health of the person who is missing. If you know or can find out anything about the missing person's health, including their doctor's details and any medicine they take, this will help. Family and friends We'll ask about the family and friends of the missing person. You can contact these people yourself - they may have seen the missing person or have recent information which could help.

    Social media You might be able to look at the missing person's social media accounts quickly. And Facebook recently started its own alerts system , posting high risk cases to peoples' news feeds. They work with police and other people such as care workers to try to make sure the person is found alive.

    You may have reason to prioritise a foot search for your missing loved one.

    Anyone aged under 18 will be given a 'safe and well check' by police. This is an interview to find out where they've been and who with, and whether they have been the victim of crime. Then they should be offered a return interview. This is a more in depth chat with a social or charity worker to find out why they disappeared, and to work out how to stop it happening again.

    If you're thinking of going missing or running away, if you're already away from home, or if someone you care about is missing.

    You can call or text Missing People on or email runawayhelpline. Newsbeat Navigation.