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Although most information the City of Charlotte houses is public and subject to disclosure, some information is considered protected. For example, we are obligated to protect such things as: sensitive public security information, components of personnel files, tax information, and social security numbers. What is the purpose of the Public Records Request form?

Please be aware that the public records policy does not require the City to do research, analyze data or create a record that does not currently exist. How long will it take to receive a response?

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The City of Charlotte is committed to an open and transparent government. As a rule, we respond to all requests for information as quickly as possible and strive to communicate a realistic time frame. How do I submit a public records request? It gives no particulars as to the type of disability or the reasons why the individual was placed on disability. For reasons which follow, such a list is a public record which should be released.

State Superintendent may be violating law by ignoring public records request | NC Policy Watch

The General Assembly, recognizing that some information about state employees and former state employees should be made available as public record information, mandated that certain information contained in a personnel file shall be open to inspection as a public record. The Plan was established to provide an equitable replacement income for eligible state teachers and state employees who become temporarily or permanently disabled for the performance of their duty prior to retirement and to encourage disabled state teachers and state employees who are able to work to seek gainful employment after a reasonable period of rehabilitation.

The General Assembly has provided in N. The word "salary" has broadly been defined by our State Supreme Court to include retirement benefits.

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Time needed for the redaction process can vary greatly, based on the number of documents in the request. How will the request be provided?

However, not all documents originate in a digital format, and will be provided in hardcopy. Other Questions. Skip to Main Content.

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  • State Superintendent may be violating law by ignoring public records request | NC Policy Watch.
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Middle MS. High HS. What is a public record? Procedures for handling public records requests WCPSS will respond to public records requests whether the request is written or verbal.