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Offenders moving to the state of New Mexico need to report to the county sheriff's office for the county in which they will be living. If I am passing through, visiting, staying for a couple of days, etc. You will need to register if you were convicted prior to July 1, and are going to be in the state of New Mexico for longer than ten 10 days.

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You will need to register within five 5 days if you were convicted after July 1, What determines how long I will have to register? Why am I required to register if I was convicted before July 1, ? If you were incarcerated or on probation or parole on or after July 1, , you will be required to register in the state of New Mexico. Quick Links Concealed Carry Licenses.

County and Tribal Sex Offender Registration

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Why Jeffrey Epstein was dropped off the New Mexico sex offender registry

Current Solicitations. New Mexico State Police. However, several states have pushed back against such standards -- and in some cases, the auditing processes have been tied up in red tape and lack of oversight. SORNA requires sex offenders to check in annually with a new photograph if their appearance has changed.

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  3. Why Jeffrey Epstein was dropped off the New Mexico sex offender registry?
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Tier two offenders are required to check in twice per year, and tier three is mandated to check in quarterly. DNA samples are collected at a registrant's first check-in. SORNA requires changes of address to be reported within three days and does not include or address in any way residency restrictions.