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If you are under the age of 18, you must either have a notarized parental consent form or have your parent s accompany you, present the proper identification, and sign the parental consent form in front of the clerk issuing your license. Additional requirements apply to people under 18 seeking a marriage license. What identification and information will be necessary to get the marriage license from the county clerk? You are required to provide a valid, government-issued photo I. Additional identification requirements apply to people under 18 who are seeking a marriage license.

Do we need witnesses? Yes, two witnesses to the marriage ceremony must sign the marriage license.

What is the fee for a marriage license and how do we pay for it? It is typically payable by cash, money order, debit card or credit card. However, these rules vary by location and you should check with the specific office before you go. For instance, if you are purchasing a license at the Maricopa County Justice Courts, only money orders are accepted.

Who can officiate the wedding and sign the marriage license? The officiant must be legally authorized to perform marriages in the state of Arizona. Marriages may be performed by any of these officiants:. Do I have to be an Arizona resident to get my marriage license in Arizona? No, you do not. If we were married in another state or country, do we need to get married in Arizona?

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No, if you were legally married in another state, you do not need to marry again in Arizona. Same-sex out-of-state marriages are now recognized in Arizona. Do I have to get my marriage license before the marriage ceremony? Personal records are covered by statute and are under restricted access. Birth certificates are closed for 75 years, death certificates are closed for 50 years. Adoption records, probate records involving juveniles, school student records and Arizona State Hospital records of patients are closed.

County Superior Court records that are 50 years and older are required under statute to be transferred to the State Archives.

Superior Court Filing Fees

With the exception of some records involving adoptions or juveniles, these court records are open to the public. The state archives does not have an extensive collection of business records. Arizona adoption records are sealed in Arizona for 99 years, but a Confidential Intermediary may be able to help you. For more information visit the Confidential Intermediary Program site. For adoptions over 99 years old, check with the Arizona State Archives or the county Superior Court in which the adoption occurred. Contact your local police department. See the League of Arizona Cities and Towns for a local government directory.

Department of Health Services, Vital Records. Contact the Clerk of the Superior Court for the county in which the divorce was filed in. Divorce decrees filed before may be held by the Arizona State Archives , depending on the county. Contact the Clerk of the Superior Court for the county they were filed in.

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Marriage and divorce records filed prior to may be held by the Arizona State Archives depending on the county. Cases prior to may be held by Arizona State Archives. Public school records are maintained by the Department of Education. So should I go to cityhall and have my last name changed properly before filing the AOS, or is this not necessary? And if I understood well, I can choose having my name with maiden name AND husband's last name, no hyphenating, right?

Thank you so much in advance! Hi Ana. Obtaining a space-separated surname is not certain. It can depend on the flexibility or rules interpretation of the agent you deal with. I be been married before and am getting married in AZ. The lawyer forgot to give me back my maiden name when I was divorced 9 years ago. First, middle, maiden, new last name.

Can I do that? Right now I just have first, middle, old married name. Can someone answer this? Hi Ann. You can take your fiance's surname, but the other name changes would require you to petition the court. I am married but I am in the process of dissolution of marriage, can I change my last name back to my maiden name before the dissolution is completed?

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You would have to petition the court separately if you didn't want to wait until your marriage was fully dissolved. If you want to avoid that expenditure and exercise, you'll have to wait until the dissolution is done. Are there instances when a biological parent doesn't need to be notified of a name change? Never married or paternity established situations? Hi Jane. The Superior Court doesn't distinguish between how a "parent" is classified.

It simply says the other parent must be notified. If the other parent's whereabouts are unknown, a publication must be ran in an accepted newspaper about the upcoming name change hearing for four straight weeks. I think I made a huge mistake on the Marriage license and certificate. It was filled out with my current name, not the name I want to change it to.

The application didn't say anything about new name.

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It just asks for your info and social security number. Did I do it wrong? I have been married for 3 years but kept my maiden name. I want to change it to my husband's last name. I delayed changing my last name due to school, school applications, moving, etc. How do I go about changing my last name? Do I just do the regular name change application and need a court order? I just aplied for a marriage license but I only wrote one last name and I have two last names because Im not from USA , the application had only one blank space and I dont know if I did it wrong, please help!

Do we have to aply again with my two last names? Hi Michelle. You can return to the clerk of superior court's office to request a correction.

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If they're unwilling to make the change, you'll have to apply for a brand new marriage license. Hello, me and my fiance want to change both of our names to one new name, when we get married, can that change both of our names or is it for one party only? Hi Ben. A brand new name would require you and your fiance to file separate court petitions for a name change.

If you go that route, it doesn't matter if it takes place before or after marriage. I have been married since and i want to know if its too late to change my last name. I was told i can be arrested for not changing my name within a time frame. Is that true? What is the time frame? I am getting married in November in Idaho and plan to take my husband's last name.

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I am an AZ resident though.