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Under the district's marriage license requirements, marriage is the legally recognized union of two persons. Any person may enter into a marriage in the District of Columbia with any another person, regardless of gender. While the age of the parties interested in obtaining a marriage license is an important requirement, premarital blood testing is no longer an issue in the District of Columbia.

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The following table outlines the specifics of marriage license and blood test requirements in the District of Columbia. According to D.

EP14 Maryland (Marriage License)

A marriage license will not be issued if:. If any person intending to marry is under the age of 18 and has not been previously married, the Clerk will not issue a license unless a parent or guardian consents to the marriage. This consent can be done either personally to the Clerk, or by a written instrument attested by a witness and that is satisfactory to the Clerk.

In , District of Columbia repealed premarital blood-test requirements.

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Licenses to perform the marriage ceremony must be addressed to some particular minister, magistrate, or other person authorized to perform or witness the marriage ceremony. The form should state these specific terms. Under District of Columbia marriage licenses requirements, a marriage is considered void if:. If you need legal assistance with properly obtaining a marriage license, you can contact a District of Columbia family law lawyer through FindLaw.

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Learn more about U. Marriage Records. Before , no marriages were recorded by the District. Some records are available at the following Findmypast collection:. For records before , search Virginia and Maryland records also. Newspapers Military Records Obituaries.

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If you cannot locate your ancestor in the databases below, try searching for marriage information in other records. Search for Gretna Greens -- locations away from the home county where marriage laws were less restrictive. Search other records with marriage information. Some images of county marriage records may be available on microfilm at your local Family Search Center. Also try other records with marriage information. Marriage Records on Microfilm District marriage records are available on microfilm at your local Family Search Center.

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