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So, what about other search engines? Where do they stack up against Google in terms of search market share? Data by Stat Counter. As you can see, Google is a clear favorite in terms of usage, but why? What has lead to Google being the go-to choice of users? Understanding search intent and finding the most accurate and relevant websites that match each query have allowed Google to stand out from the competition. Online satisfaction is a major part of their core business model.

Top 10 Search Engines In The World

Google provides simple, better results. If users like the search results they find, based on the search queries, then the user will be happy.

Happy users turn into repeat users. Repeat users become loyal to the platform. As a result, users started to leave MSN, Yahoo, Alta Vista, and other platforms to enjoy a search engine that offered relevant search results quickly. Better results have allowed Google to be considered a trustworthy resource for finding information on the web. As a result of the above, Google has become a household name that everyone is aware of. Small businesses are the backbone of the U. They combined search capabilities with proximity and geo-location targeting to create custom, local results for users.

Local search opened up the competitive playing field for all businesses, as they were able to be found for their products or services based on how far away they were from the user. Google provided users with better results based on both search intent and geo-proximity of where the search actually took place. These custom results have led Google to become the go-to medium for local searches. Once accomplishing this, Google took it a step further by marrying local search results with the Google Maps platform.

This allowed users to navigate and explore local businesses with their smartphone. With this, Google was and still is able to help users navigate their way to any location. As always, the end goal is to create better search results. While this might work in the short term, Google almost always catches on and penalizes websites who proactively use black-hat techniques.

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YouTube, which is owned by Google, is another major medium where users can search for videos. Similar to television, online videos have more sensory impact on users. Video allows users to see and hear, but, unlike television, online videos are more accessible and interactive.

Top 5 Best Search Engines That Do Not Track You!

As technology such as WiFi, cameras, and mobile devices continue to advance, the ability to upload, download, and watch videos will increase. As this trend grows, having a search engine that can accurately find and produce what users are searching for amongst the masses of video files will become a necessity. This is something that YouTube has excelled at. The Google Images search engine was created due to the overwhelming number of users searching for Jennifer Lopez wearing a Versace dress back in You can read more about that here.

Using complex algorithms, Google is able to find, interpret, and assign images based on search queries. With Google being the dominant search engine, catering to billions of users each day, it only makes sense that businesses use this platform to reach their target audiences.

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Never before has there been an opportunity to market so specifically or globally to an audience who you can track and understand. The internet is constantly growing as more and more people and businesses create websites. Google has simplified the web by creating an outstanding search engine that people trust.

As a business, there are a few things you should take advantage of, even if you are not a marketer. Rand Fishkin of SparkToro presented findings showing where web users search the most. The data is staggering as you see just how dominant Google and its affiliates are. Just because you have a website for your business, does not mean users will be able to find your website.

Google has outlined details on what makes a quality website and how websites should be structured. Following these guidelines helps Google to better understand your business information and rank it in the SERPs.

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You can view the Google quality guidelines here. Need Your Business to Rank Higher? There are masses of content online addressing SEO and how to rank better on Google. This is an investment that will help Google navigate better quality traffic to your business. Google allows businesses to advertise on their search engine. However, not everyone has a marketing team to help implement SEO best practices. And while SEO can be timely, it does not create instant results.

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This is where Google Ads can come into play. These ads use keywords similar to SEO that attract potential users to related ads and guide them to your business page. While it may be costly if you are not targeting based on user intent, this method does quickly help generate traffic to your site. Google Analytics is a free resource provided by Google that allows you to view data about the visitors that come to your website.

It is a great tool for understanding areas of your site that attract users. Armed with this information, you can create better content and optimize your site so that it can rank better. While Google Analytics can be overwhelming, there are free resources to help you become better acquainted with the program. Some of our favorites include:. This has given small businesses a chance to rank better because of location-based searches.

As a small business, you now can rank higher than national companies that have more links and content. Local search provides a huge opportunity that every business should take advantage of. Google offers free resources to help local businesses rank better based on their location.

What Is the Best Search Engine Other Than Google?

One of these Tools is Google My Business. Businesses can simply add their information to help Google direct more relevant traffic to their sites. It can also assist users who are looking for your physical address. It allows you to view health problems or issues that Google sees with your website.

Alternative Search Engines

The index helps find information relating to the query as quickly as possible. Between visits by the spider , the cached version of page some or all the content needed to render it stored in the search engine working memory is quickly sent to an inquirer. If a visit is overdue, the search engine can just act as a web proxy instead. In this case the page may differ from the search terms indexed. Typically when a user enters a query into a search engine it is a few keywords.

The real processing load is in generating the web pages that are the search results list: Every page in the entire list must be weighted according to information in the indexes.