Fairfax county personal property tax records

In those cases, your personal vehicles would be exempt from paying taxes. If you owned a business, you could have to pay personal property taxes on furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, libraries and supplies. In Maryland, where personal property tax applies mostly to business-related items, both the county and the town would tax a business [source: Comptroller of Maryland ]. That means if a business bought some furniture, it would pay personal property taxes on them once to the town, and then again to the county.

Items such as office furniture that don't have a blue book to decide value are assessed based on original cost minus depreciation for age. Some states also tax intangible assets under their personal property tax. Intangible assets are goods and items you can't actually own or touch. These would include stocks, bonds or patents, for example. Few states tax intangible assets on their personal property taxes. Most tax personal vehicles or business assets.

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A home may seem like it should be taxed under real estate property tax, right? Not if it's a mobile home. In some states, because it's not a fixed space, a mobile home is taxed under the personal property tax. Yes on the driver license note!

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We also did pay VA state taxes for our tax filing for the year and Anyhow whether they found out or not is not important now and I am not trying to evade the law. I wish they would have sent us the bill during the years not sent it all at once like this. Dont they allow payments each month or are they gonna charge interest and fees? This is a big bill :. Posted by: Arlington shit heads.

Fairfax County Car Tax: What You Should Know 2019

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Nobody gets over on Fairfax County. Posted by: Thom Davis. Have you seen the Government Center? I feel like Maximus entering the coliseum! I've been there over 30 times since it was built, and it gets sadder and sadder every time. Roads are shit bc of traffic. Great schools are falling behind.

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You may face a lien if not. Or a tow truck. Or both. Sounds like a few Raman noodle nights are in order. Posted by: computer magic. Catching violators isn't hard. Run a list of all county properties that don't have a property tax payment associated with them. Compare it to state income tax records, and there you have the resident names and what years they've filed returns here.

Then run those names against VA drivers licenses, ticket databases, registration records from other states. It won't take long to find out what vehicles they own. Posted by: CaliforniaDreamin. If so lets meet up and if the anal is good and there is ATM associated with it I'll gladly pay your tax bill.

Let me know sweetie. California Dreaming and Yeppers your statements say alot about your integrity.

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I asked a question about fairfax property tax because I didnt know what the system is here and you call me a bitch and stupid. Shame on you for your lack of respect and dignity. I am not a Liberal nor am I affiliated with California Liberalism that everyone talks about.

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I am not trying to evade Fairfax law. My concern was that the payment was big.

If it was sent earlier it would be ok. The users explained that since the car was not registered they would not have sent it in those years. I understood the reasoning and accept the consequences. My intentions living in this town is not to break laws or to not pay bills. My plan was to come here for work and then depart back to CA.

Then you come here saying we are stupid and need to go to the shithole. You are spewing hatred and contempt for others. You are both unkind and lack any form of compassion for your fellow human being. If you are representing Fairfax county by your thoughtless and uncaring words I am sure nobody would want to set foot in your county. Posted by: Bill. In this area we have a big problem with people who want to live and work here but don't want to pay taxes here. It is not uncommon for them to either "forget" to register their cars when they move into Virginia, or worse to intentionally register them in another state with more favorable tax or inspection laws.