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This guide can help you determine which pathway is right for you at any point in your career. The short video below gives an overview of what to expect as a certified teacher in Michigan. To become a certified teacher in Michigan you will want to obtain your standard teacher certification.

Beyond that, the Michigan Department of Education MDE offers two types of teacher certification: professional and advanced professional. It is valid for five years and can be renewed an unlimited number of times while you work towards earning a professional certification. To gain this license you must have a CPR and first aid training certification and pass a federal background check. You must also meet education and assessment requirements, which you can find below.

Fingerprint Process

The certification is valid for five years and can be renewed. You must hold a professional certification to be considered as an applicant. To be considered eligible, you should have highly effective educator ratings on three of your last five annual teacher evaluations and have no ineffective ratings on the last five.

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This certification is also valid for five years and can be renewed. In addition, you must complete an MDE approved teacher preparation program. The teacher preparation program must be focused on the grade level and subject matter that you intend to gain certification in.

Staff Review Process - CMU Center for Charter Schools

You must gain a recommendation from your program to apply for licensure. Your teacher preparation program should include a student teaching experience. In fact, most programs require that you complete a designated amount of in-field hours.

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  • By completing this experience you will be able to see how your learned teaching skills will translate into a practical hands-on experience. Throughout this experience you will work one-on-one with an experienced teacher who will give you feedback on your performance. If you have already taken and passed the PRE, it will still be accepted. However, as of September 23 rd , the PRE is no longer offered. The required passing scores for the SAT are in mathematics and for evidence-based reading and writing. The exact exam you must take will vary depending on the subject and grade level you plan on earning your certification in.

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    For a detailed description of required certification exams, see the Certification Types section below. Once your application has been submitted the MDE will review your submitted information. If they deem you eligible for licensure, you will be issued a standard teacher certification. In Michigan, teachers can expect to make a comfortable living.

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    Some teachers can make above the average salaries listed below, while others will make less. New teachers typically start out on the lower end of the salary range. Source: U. In Michigan, each teacher certification must have at least one area of endorsement. These endorsements are what qualify you to teach a particular subject at a particular grade level. To earn an endorsement you must pass the appropriate MTTC.

    To pass the exam you will need to earn a score of It qualifies you to teach all-subjects for K-5, or one specific subject for K You must earn a passing score of to earn an elementary endorsement. If you are interested in teaching the grade range you will need to take an additional MTTC that corresponds to the subject area you intend to teach, such as language arts.

    Confer with your program advisor to determine what test you should take. The MTTC will test your knowledge of that particular subject.

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    These options allow substitutes to work anywhere from 90 days to four years. You must have at least 90 semester credit hours from a college or university to earn this permit. To be granted an extension you must be observed as satisfactory by a school administrator, be assigned a mentor teacher, and have the extension approved by the State Superintendent. The exact length of the extension will vary depending on the circumstances. If the assignment is in a core subject, you should have a major that relates to the subject or pass the corresponding MTTC.

    You will be assigned a mentor teacher if the permit is approved. In beginning a safer approach to reviewing employee credentials, all applicants to public schools must meet both state and federal background check standards. As the Iowa Department of Public Safety explains, applicants undergo a thorough national evaluation, as all teachers must now have digital fingerprints, an FBI evaluation, and a criminal records assessment of any crimes or violations committed in any of the 50 states.

    A background check is also conducted at a local level to investigate any further criminal issues.

    Adding to this, many individuals assert that misdemeanor classifications may often be misinterpreted; for example, if an employee is rowdy at an athletic event, the individual could potentially be cited with a misdemeanor for his or her conduct. As a result, many community members are seeking to negotiate an agreement between providing all parents and students with safe and highly qualified educators versus allowing all community members to invade the private lives of its public school employees.

    In addition, many believe that schools need to monitor the criminal activities and records of existing staff to ensure that all faculty members are maintaining a proper code of conduct.